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Sixpence Productions
Sixpence Productions

A southern girl and an expat Welshman. Creating heartfelt wedding films for emotion junkies (like us) worldwide.

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About us

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We're a family of wedding filmmakers splitting our time between the beautiful beaches of the Florida panhandle, and the stunning countryside of Vermont. Wanderlust is a real and tangible thing for all the Morgan's, so please let us know if you're getting married a little further afield than our home bases because our passports are current and ready to go!

Why did we name our company "Sixpence Productions?" Well, for years we went by the name Diva Productions, and Diva was good to us, but we began to realize that the brand didn't reflect our clients well. Our couples, generally, have strong ties to their family, faith and friends. Totally, not Divas. So, as we developed a new company name and brand, we chose things which better reflected who our couples are and who we are! Rob is British (Welsh if you want to get specific) and I (Joanna) lived in the United Kingdom for 10 years (basically all of my 20's). The British silver sixpence in a brides shoe is a wonderful tradition, and we thought it gave a nice nod to our family ties in Britain, provided us with a fresh brand, and reflected our love of legacies. We feel like legacies are exactly what a wedding film is all about, creating something tangible to leave behind for future generations.

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"We absolutely love our wedding film! You captured our day perfectly, and we were in tears watching the video. Happy tears, but tears nonetheless!"

Carol ann & Brown

"Thank you Joanna and Rob! We love the video and can't quit watching it!
I cry every time!"

Hallie & dane

Joanna and Rob captured our wedding day in the most beautiful way and our film was absolutely perfect.

Molly & Dustin

"Our film is absolutely amazing! Your work is breathtaking and something we will truly cherish for the rest of our lives!"

Christina & Brent

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Some Recent Favorites

Some Recent Favorites 

Christina + Brent
Alys Beach, Florida

Betsy + Brooks
Alys Beach, Florida

Katie + Ben
Tallahassee, Florida

CeCe + Elliott
Rosemary Beach, Florida

Kristin + David
Asheville, North Carolina

Sam + Hannah
Fairhope, Alabama

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Wedding films start at $5500.

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